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Poskytuji služby v oblasti podnikových informačních systémů. Mým cílem je navrhnout a udržovat spolehlivou infrastrukturu informačních systémů, která pokrývá celou řadu požadavků stanovených IT strategií.

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AKS and Kubectl on localhost

CLI installation on laptop Open or directly shortcut If you clicked the first link, select More in toolbar and continue by selecting Resources. Scroll down and click Downloads. Click Command-line tools and click Install under Azure command-line interface. Click Install on Windows If you clicked the second (shortcut) link, click Install for Windows. Follow instruction and […]

Getting familiar with Azure Management Tools

Azure PowerShell management has utilized AzureRM modules and their commandlets. Especially on Linux platform as well as for developers Azure CLI has been the tool of choice. Azure Cloud Shell was announced in Build 2017.Install AzureRM modules. Start PowerShell or PowerShell ISE as administrator. \ Install module AzureRM with the following command (accept NuGet Provider […]

Azure: Unable to acquire token for tenant

I struggled today with issues related to the PowerShell connection to Azure. If I use the command Connect-AzAccount I was connected successfully but I received a Warning: ‚Unable to acquire token for tenant‘. I wanted to use another command: Get-AzVM but I received an error: Get-AzVM: Your Azure credentials have not been set up or […]

Kusto Query Language (KQL)

Basics queries in Kusto query language. Azure demo environment here. Mostly used Operators: Search Where Take Count Summarize Extend Project Distinct Top   Search Perf | search „Memory“ This searched for a column whose value exactly matched the word Memory. search in (Perf, Event, Alert) „memory“ A better choice is to limit the search to […]