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Azure: Unable to acquire token for tenant

I struggled today with issues related to the PowerShell connection to Azure.

If I use the command Connect-AzAccount I was connected successfully but I received a Warning: ‚Unable to acquire token for tenant‘.

I wanted to use another command: Get-AzVM but I received an error:
Get-AzVM: Your Azure credentials have not been set up or have expired, please run Connect-AzAccount to set up your Azure credentials.

I started to seek how to fix it. Some guys recommended using the Clear-AzContex command but it doesn’t help me.

I was wondered what happens when I will be more strict in my connection definition so I tried another command out with more switches:

Connect-AzAccount -TenantId ‚xxx‘ -SubscriptionId ‚xxx‘.


You can use the command for TenadId and SubscriptionID or check values directly in Azure Portal.

Get-AzContext | Select-Object *