Cloud Engineer

Poskytuji služby v oblasti podnikových informačních systémů. Mým cílem je navrhnout a udržovat spolehlivou infrastrukturu informačních systémů, která pokrývá celou řadu požadavků stanovených IT strategií.

Consultancy Optimalisation Clouds

AKS and Kubectl on localhost

CLI installation on laptop

Open or directly shortcut

If you clicked the first link, select More in toolbar and continue by selecting Resources. Scroll down and click Downloads. Click Command-line tools and click Install under Azure command-line interface. Click Install on Windows

If you clicked the second (shortcut) link, click Install for Windows.

  • Follow instruction and install Azure CLI.
  • Start Command Prompt (or PowerShell) as administrator.
  • Start Azure CLI with the following command:


  • What is Azure CLI version?
  • What are the settings that you could configure with the following command (select Y in the first prompt):

az configure

  • Open connection to your Azure subscription with the following command:

az login

  • Test interactive option with the following command:

az interactive

While in interactive window try running e.g. resource list etc. You can exit interactive shell with + D

Kubectl installation on laptop

Run command

 AZ AKS install-cli

How to connect to specific Kubernetes farm

Login to Azure

az login

Show current subscription

az account show

List of all subscription

az account list

Select specific subscription, where ID is ID of subscription

az account set --subscription xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx-xxx

Connect to specific Kubernetes cluster DevFarmXXX

az aks get-credentials --resource-group DevFarmXXX --name DevFarmXXX

List of Kubernetes nodes

kubectl get node

List of podes

kubectl get pod